Active Slaughter - Set The World Alight CD pack

2019 release from Active Slaughter. As usual for Grow Your Own Records projects, the CD comes beautifully presented and includes lyric sheet, stickers, CD in a matching envelope. 'Strident and highly political, Active Slaughter’s latest anarcho-punk album is a pogo-tastic attack on animal and human rights abuses. Singer JJ spews out angry rants in the style that has made bands such as Conflict, Icons of Filth, Liberty, and Oi Polloi such compelling listening over the years – music as a powerful tool for agitators and activists. In common with those bands, Active Slaughter are closely tied in with animal rights and anarchist movements. There are a few moments when the gruff, London accented, vocal delivery and pounding toms sounds like Exit-Stance – in particular at the opening of Weapons of Mass Deception and on the title track Set The World Alight? Very strident and very political, Active Slaughter are still pogo-tasticly punk rather than po-faced. They aren’t afraid to use simple, easy to follow melodies and sing-along choruses. It may be serious shit but that doesn’t mean the music can’t be fun!' Louder Than War Tracks 1 Corporate Fascist 02:55 2 Innocence Denied 02:50 3 Without Mercy 02:18 4 Weapons Of Mass Deception 02:47 5 Why ? 03:19 6 Sea Shepherd 03:18 7 It’s Not Anti-Semitic To Hate Fascists 03:42 8 Price Of Silence 02:26 9 Set The World Alight ? 03:52 10 My Foot In Your Mouth 03:40 11 Sadistic Scientist 03:15 12 Born Free 02:26 Bonus Tracks 13 Three Million Dead Tears 02:41 14 Prisoner Of War 02:31 15 Spy Cop

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