Bruised Knuckles vs Savage Amusement CD

Finnish/UK Oi!/Punk compilation CD. Included tracks by Runnin' Riot, Gimp Fist, Booze & Glory, Jenny Woo, 7er Jungs....... Bruised Knuckles Side The Pauki - Voice of Kilt AntiPati - E.R.A. Union Street - Dystopia Brigada Dos Lobos - Outra Cerveja ja Foi Bootstroke - Another Night Kids of the Streets - A Way of Life 7er Jungs - We Salute the Skinheads Quartier Libre - Do the Ska (Mad Version) Oldfashioned Ideas - Oldfashioned Ideas Hardx Times - Temps de Sang Jenny Woo - We Don't Need Their Respect Razzapparte - Solitude Dub Savage Amusement Side CONTEMPT - Greed THE DISRUPTERS - Generation Retard BARSE - Frigid Bridget HI-FI SPIFIRES - 37 Hours PERKELE - Heads Held High KEYSIDE STRIKE - Chavageddon CITY KIDS - Living Like A Dead Man LOADED 44 - Let's Get Away RUNNIN' RIOT - 16 On The Dole GIMP FIST - Guilty BOOZE & GLORY - Swinging Fuckin;' Hammers

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