Zounds - The Curse of Zounds! CD

The Curse of Zounds was the first release by Zounds! on Rough Trade Records in 1981. The cover art, by anarchist artist Clifford Harper, featured a painting of fire fighters apparently trying to put out a blaze at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Tracks: 1 War 2 Subvert 3 Can't Cheat Karma 4 Demystification 5 Great White Hunter 6 Fear Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed/The Unfree Child/My Mummy's Gone (8:14) 7a Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed 7b The Unfree Child 7c My Mummy's Gone 8 Little Bit More 9 This Land 10 New Band 11 Dirty Squatters 12 Loads Of Noise 13 Target 14 Mr Disney 15 Dancing 16 True Love 17 More Trouble Coming Everyday 18 Knife 19 Biafra 20 Not Me 21 Fear (Live) 22 Wolves (Live) 23 Alone

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